Assign variables using Latin letters and numbers. It is enough to simply add a percent sign % before a variable name. For example %X or %Variable.

๐Ÿซ Variable name must not contain spaces. Take it as Paradigm.

All variables belong to the individual user and are continuously being updated as the bot is used. It means that a variable %X value might vary for different users. Such variables are called UX or user experience.

To request a variable value type a double percent sign in the node %%Variable — the chatbot will stop and wait for a human to set the value.

Each variable is auto-generated when its value is assigned. Head to the chapter Compare, condition and case to learn how you can verify the variables.

Bots & Global variables

You can use global variables to share the data between users and all bots in your account.

For example %bot.Variable=42 will be equal 42 for all users inside your bot.

Another example %global.Variable=John Galt will be equal John Galt for all bots inside your pipe account.

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