Push messages, segments and analytics

Segments are a powerful tool for analyzing the human's mind. You can analyze the actions of the person and send messages to the desired audience. To do this, you need to set variables on the map by which then we can get the segment.

Segments can be used in Dialogs, Push Messages and Customized Reports.

Ask a person from which city he is and save the value to a variable %hometown. After that, you can select all San Francisco residents using the segment: ?hometown=San Francisco

A segment can consist of several variables, for example, all active persons from San Francisco ?sys.isactive=0&hometown=San Francisco or without city !hometown.

Customized reports

In the reports section, it is possible to build an individual report based on the contents of the person brain.

For exmple %paidCustomer=1 means that the person has paid for the service. Create an individual segment report ?paidCustomer=1 and you will get customized report for this segment.

The daily report will show how many paid customers appeared per day, and cumulative how the total number of paid users changes.