Let`s train your chatbot to say hi.

By now you should have connected the chatbot to

Pipe bots are mind maps based. Go to Coggle and map out your own conversation flow or simply use one of the available maps.

Name your map whatever you like. We prefered 🙂 First Map in our example (emoji in the name simplify navigation through the maps).

🐫 Main node with the name won’t be processed by the bot, it only holds the map name.

Click + on the main node to create a new node and type the text for the chatbot’s message. For example Hello!

You should get something like this:

Click icon to copy this map or open it in

🐫 Message length must not exceed 100 characters. Use brief wordings, split the text among a few nodes. The chat is not meant for long messages. Take it as Paradigm.

Connect › Sync › Start Chatbot

Connect the map to your chatbot using Register with your social profile or email and connect your bot.

The list of maps will show up. Click Connect to carry out the map by your chatbot.

Click Sync, so that the chatbot starts to synchronize with any updates in the map. You need to sync your map everytime you do changes.

Now you can launch your bot by clicking Start chatbot.