It is your bot’s job to figure out human intents and then propose a solution. Ideally, this would be a sale. But before any deal a good salesman finds ways to whet customers` appetite.

Humans love to buy but hate to be sold. The challenge is to describe our product or service in a way, that people would come up to the decision of buying it “on their own”.

We use Analytics to study the intents. And we have Natural language processing to define those intents.

Connecting Analytics to a bot

Connect Google Analytics to your bot. At first head to and register. Then copypaste the key from your browser address bar: Chatbase key

Now connect Analytics to the map. You need to create a new @keys node with your personal Chatbase key in the @default node. That is how it should look like:

Click icon to copy this map or open it in

Human intents

🐫 You need to define human intents in order to start gathering Analytics.

Set intent @chatbase.intent IntentName.

Unset intent @chatbase.intent null.

Use @chatbase.nothandled in case your bot was unable to derive an intent from a human. Such bottlenecks should be gathered so that later they could be eliminated.

Intent nodes can be used as a GoTo label from different places on the map, in case human intents are defined. Understanding of natural language (anything that is typed by humans) is an important solution for these purposes.