Root map can contain @default settings node, which is located to the left from the main node with the name. It allows to integrate the chatbot with various services, to process commands, that can be called out from any place on the map, to set up default answers, to gather metrics and things.

Default answer

Default answer is an easy-to-use tool, that is run every time, when the bot doesn’t understand the user’s answer. At least there is a way to admit that the bot has no idea what is going on.


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As a more complex decision @answer node is possible to use to process answers with the help of natural language processing (NLP), such as Dialogflow, Alterra, Amazon Lex Chatbot etc.

🐫 The latest user’s message is located in %sys.lastmessage variable.

Chatbot commands

It is possible to create a menu in the bot to solve any task from any place in the conversation. One should look at the latest user’s message %sys.lastmessage.

For example, the user cries for help:

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Messenger persistent menu

Persistent menu allows to direct a human to the required place from anywhere in the conversation flow. You can specify elements for Messenger persistent menu in the @default@menu node. The menu may include up to five buttons and three nested levels.

There is an option that allows to turn off a user input box in the settings menu by adding the @input off node. Typing will be disabled for the entire bot.

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